Resource Management made easy!

Pletora helps you manage your resources quick and easy, and boosts the productivity of your business

What is Pletora?

Pletora is an intelligent bookingsystem, which ensures that you and your business maximizes the utilization of your resources.

With Pletora your users can stop wasting their time with doublebookings, and not have an overview of what resource is available.

Companies who uses Pletora

Pletora helped us manage our meeting rooms here at Coworking Plus.
Gone are the days of using Post-It’s, and double bookings.
Pletora adds a huge value to all of our users and the Resource Displays makes it easy to see at a glance, whether or not the room is inuse.

Mads Fugl
CEO - Coworking Plus


Pletora comes with a lot of features built-in, here is some highlights

Resource Based

Resources can be anything, meeting room, a car, equipment.
What you use it for is entirely up to you and your business!


Create groups of users in your organization, and add resources only available to the group.

Statistics & insights

Get an overview of how the organizations resources is used, and get valuable insights.

Personal Dashboard

Get an easy overview of your bookings in the upcoming week, and which resources you have access to, by using the personal dashboard.


Quickly communicate to the entire organization or a specific group, by making an announcement.

Admin panel

Manage your organization, with an easy to use admin panel. Create resources, make announcements, invite users and more.